2min Food and Vegetable Gripper Video

Tired of being frustrated as your hands slip and slide while you’re peeling or slicing your vegetables and fruits? Want to prevent agonizing kitchen injuries while peeling?... And painful cuts while slicing?

Introducing PotatoTongs, the amazing new kitchen tool that firmly grips food, allowing you to peel and slice potatoes, vegetables or fruits safely and with ease.

The secret of PotatoTongs is the sturdy, patent pending, spikes that securely grip food, without troublesome slips, leaving the hand on the tongs safely away from the peeler or knife. Now you can peel and slice easily and worry-free.

In addition, PotatoTongs™ are well made, long lasting multi-purpose kitchen tongs that also work well as Salad Tongs, Pasta Tongs, etc. and can replace the need for other food tongs in your kitchen.

P.S. PotatoTongs™ are a great gift for the chef or anyone who cooks.

PotatoTongs™ (potato tongs), the only kitchen tongs with spikes.

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